Tuesday, September 25, 2007


cynical land face azi un an.

stiu ca nu mi-am respectat promisiunea, de a fi numai rants pe el, dar in mare a iesit cum mi-am dorit.

you're invited to wish it a happy birthday.

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uuuuh, many happy retuuuurns! may the land be graced with the most creative rants ever.

Happy birthday cynical land! :X

thank you ;;)

nu ii poti ura unui blog happy birthday..dar ii poti ura la MULTI ani..asa ca LA MULTI ANI

thank you, dar cum sa nu?! s-a nascut din imaginatia mea :)

oi, belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to many more :D

*throws confetti & dances*

miiinaaaaa *evil vampire laughter*

happy birthday>:D<:*sper sa iti aduca mai multe bucurii decat anul asta.

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