Saturday, July 21, 2007

my official


i am saying goodbye to high school this late because...well, just because i feel like it.

so goodbye backyard, where generation after generation "stole" our coke bottles and cigarettes.

so goodbye hallways, where i used to twirl when i thought nobody was watching. i sometimes forgot about the cameras.

so goodbye, principal's office, where i would wander randomly or even (!) on official business.

so goodbye classroom, where the chairs were uncomfortable and rarely enough. goodbye desks, along with the tags, drawings and random doodles. goodbye (usually) broken windows.

goodbye to some of you who are still in high school.

i truly feel sorry that you might no longer benefit of some truly extraordinary teachers, who have unfortunately retired or are about too. i am truly sorry that you will be stuck with frustrated people, who have no teaching skills whatsoever.
i also truly hope that you and your form master will have a much more friendly relationship than i had with mine. or at least, a humane relationship.

but most of all..... i wish you'll have as much fun as i've had and that you'll be at least as happy as i was. because behind the bitterness and the complaining and the gossiping, i did have fun. all the time.

...especially at the end.

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aparent.. atat de trist :| goodbye amintirile cu atatea generatii.. cu udatul vara cu galeata in curtea din spate si bataile cu salam..

si te rog nu uita de camaruta kgb with with you are sooo accustomed:)

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