Thursday, May 31, 2007

it's mine, i called it!

poate cineva sa imi explice de ce o persoana ar fura blogul altei persoane? atunci cand nu are nici un interes (razbunare, bataie de joc, denigrare, etc) ?

it's like stealing someone's thoughts and feelings, just to strip them of meaning and eventually send them into oblivion.

the only reason i can think of is boredom. bine, mai e si inconstienta. inabilitatea de a intelege ca atunci cand stergi post-uri si comment-uri, ranesti.

asa cum pastrezi mesajele in telefon si pozele pe zeci de cd-uri. poate nu le mai citesti niciodata, poate nu le mai vezi niciodata, dar stii ca sunt acolo, when you feel like walking down memory lane (it sounds corny, i know).

blog-ul e like a pet (nu pot sa spun copil, pentru ca nu am copii, si the closest thing i have to a child is my cat). you feed it, watch it grow, and then you smile and rejoice when people admire it. you enter it in competitions, you give it special treats. you comb it and wash it and talk to it in a funny voice without making sense.

yes, people love their blogs. it may sound stupid to you. it may even be stupid. but it's not your place to judge or to decide. cu atat mai putin sa take any kind of action.

faza amuzanta, somehow related: imi povestea o prietena ca un tip de pe dc++ incepuse sa-i downloadeze poze de pe hard (poze cu ea, cu prietenii ei, cu pisica ei, cu colegi etc). si l-a intrebat de ce, avand in vedere ca nu se cunosteau. raspuns :"ca sa ma uit".

nici amintiri nu mai aveti? nici ganduri?

how empty are you?

(pentru miruna)

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i dont understand what happened.
but, from my experience, people hack blogs din cele mai diverse motive (even if only out of sheer boredom, oricat de lame ar parea). adica, maybe the blogger is a famous person. sau maybe they can get revenge over whatthefuckever. sau just mere spite.

bottomline, there's always even the most superficial reason.

the only things you can do is create wank yay or just, y'know, move on. i go with wank, though: payback time! :|

si am stat putin sa ma gandesc. how would i feel if my blog were deleted by someone. adica, my entire blog, almost 4 years of me. my memories, my... everything.

am prieteni care, after they overcome a phase, they i dunno, burn down the diary of that phase. incerc sa inteleg the rationament romantic behind it (& maybe on some really profound level, il inteleg), but io inca mai pastrez jurnale de la 8ani. and burning them would be as if im erasing a part of me. nu conteaza ca poate, din anumite privinte, nu mai sunt aceeasi etc, conteaza ca that was or maybe still is a tiny tiny part of me...

[/rant. im sorry. i guess emo!armina rambles a lot]

este extrem de simplu sa-ti faci blog. de ce sa te chinui sa furi de la un necunoscut?! unde e logica?

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