Wednesday, December 19, 2007

cum sa fii mai bun - update

of course stealing christmas says a lot about a person. they undoubtedly have strong ethical and moral principles, a quality background and healthy christian beliefs. they are usually generous, kind, loving individuals.

oh, but alas, their knowledge of english might be a tad....scarce. so in the time it would take such a person to find an adequate translator, i will be long gone.

if they had an ounce of humour, they might expect me to say that they'll find me in cuba. but they obviously don't...

also, a person who doesn't comply with their duties is a person without honour.

why on earth would one try to stop christmas from being celebrated by saying that they have to do their job, and then ... not show up?

what type of undiscovered logic governs their mind?

think of the children, man...and of the eternally young spirit inside most people.

think of the children....

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What children? Didn't you learn anything from your history classes? We are all puppets, commies are everywhere, life isn't worth living, humor is a sign of weakness and children are actually drones sent by the government to trigger emotions in the common, hardworking citizen.

what...but if...oh, shoot.i missed my brainwashing session this week :|

god damn it...

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